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SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test)

In order to continue their education and receive funding at US universities, a graduate student takes standardized tests for universities that accurately determine a student's knowledge of academic subjects and the level of general skills applied in practice. It is these tests that test a student's ability to learn the various academic subjects offered by the University curriculum in English.

SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) is the most reliable and validated standardized test.

Based on the scores obtained on this test, universities test the prospective student's general academic knowledge and ability to see how well a student can put his or her knowledge to practical use in a variety of assignments.


There are 4 SAT test centers in Tbilisi:


AP (Advanced Placement)

AP (Advanced Placement) - is a standardized test that evaluates the student’s level in an enhanced subject, i.e. the student can choose the level of both regular and enhanced teaching of the subject.

AP research, AP Seminar, AP Calculus AB, AP calculus BC are taught with increased complexity in our school.

In the study of the enhanced program, the student is given an additional 1.0 credit for a specific subject.

If a regular subject is rated 4.0, then its rating will be 5.0. Which significantly improves the student's GPA (Grade Point Average).

Like the SAT, AP test material is shipped in a sealed box from the U.S. and opens directly on the day of the test, just minutes before testing.

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