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British Accreditation

Georgian-American High School is a school accredited by Cambridge.


United States Accreditation

Georgian-American High School is the only independent school fully accredited by Cognia in Tbilisi, Georgia. As a United States-accredited school, GAHS is recognized as meeting the criteria set by Cognia for quality schools and improvement. The quality of education at GAHS is consistent with educational standards across the world. Credits earned at GAHS are easily transferable to American and European high schools. Additionally, colleges and universities recognize coursework and diplomas earned from GAHS as comparable to those earned from a high school in the United States.

Member of GAHS - College Board


On November 1, 2022, GAHS became a member of the College Board. In order for a school to become a member, it is mandatory that it systematically implements College Board programs.

In terms of external assessment of students in the Georgian-American high school, College Board exams are administered, - PSAT 8/9, PSAT 10, PSAT/NMSQT and SAT. It is worth noting the fact that three schools in Georgia have the status of College Board members, two of which also have College Board test centers. One of them is the Georgian-American high school, which is why we are often visited by citizens of the neighboring countries (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Russia).


Georgian Authorization

On September 28, 2022, GAHS received six-year authorization from the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement, and on October 2, 2023, the number of GAHS students was increased up to 1500. National authorization is an important stage in the development of the GAHS.

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