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Lizi Budaghashvili the Owner of Full Scholarship

The girl, who received $ 70,000 scholarship from a prestigious world college, is a graduate of Georgian-American High School.

Lizi Budaghashvili graduated from Georgian-American High School with a gold medal and enrolled in the prestigious UWC (United World College) in Dilijan, Armenia. Founded in 1962, the college has branches in 17 countries in Africa, North America, Europe and Asia. Lizi was among the seven winners out of 450 contestants wishing to study at the college. The Dilijan branch, where she got the full scholarship ($ 70,000), was her choice.

The college has the two-year program and allows it’s graduates to continue studies at the most prestigious and leading universities in the world after graduation. It is also noteworthy that Lizzie is a gifted pianist, composer, writer and artist.

Georgian-American High School wishes Lizi success and even greater world recognition.


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