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ICYS project approbation

On March 10 , at 15:30 the preliminary discussion for the topics that should be submitted for the International Conference of Young Scientists 2016 (ICYS) will be held at the conference hall of Georgin –American High School. The conference will be held in Romania on Klazh -Napoca, on April 16-22 , in which 30 countries are participating. 8 students from our school will defend their works in math, physics and natural science in English language. Math- Diophantine Equation Involving Four Biquadrates and a Square – Nikita tripathi, Nikoloz Kalatozishvili Math- Pythagorean Triple Siblings, with Conjugate Legs –Giorgi Bugechashvili, Natia Cheishvili Natural science- ,,Defining Polyphenols in some Sorts of Georgian Grapes’’-Mariam Vardosanidze, Nino Kerdikoshvili physics- Chaos: A Thin Barrier Between Order and Disorder – Giorgi Bichiashvili, Gega Lelashvili. Through this discussion the students will be able to get some recommendations that help them to improve their presentation skills. We wish success to our students , and we hope that as in previous years , the team will return back with the gold medal !


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