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Cambridge exams 2016

Georgian-American High School 12-th grade pupils annually take Cambridge University FCE (First Certificate in English) exam. FCE is an internationally acknowledged certificate, which is used for work purpose as well as for studies, also to continue studies at universities and colleges abroad. Eleven pupils from our school were registered and all of them passed the exam successfully. Certificates (B2 level) Certificate (C1 level)

  • Luka Sebiskveradze

  • Khatia Bakashvili

  • Lika bakashvili

  • Irakli Gordadze

  • Giorgi Beruashvili

  • Irakli Iremashvili

  • Zura shatavidze

  • Ana Osiashvili

  • Davit Lomsadze

  • Ana Zivzivadze

  • Giorgi Giorgadze

These pupils succeeded thanks to the teachers of Georgian-American High School: Diana kantaria, Nona Kerdikoshvili, Ekaterine Tvauri and Lika Rukhiashvili The exam consists of the following major components: Listening Reading and use of English Writing Speaking B2 (upper-intermediate) level certificate testifies that the candidate has capacity to speak fluently and independently, can comprehend complicated and unusual situations and work in English language environment. The person who acquires B2 level certificate is exempted from the English language lectures at Georgian universities, and furthermore, obtaining B2 level certificate means that they have already passed the examination of the English language at Master’s Course entrance exam. Therefore, the pupils enumerated above will be exempted from the lectures of the English language during the whole period of university studies both at Bachelor’s and Master’s Courses. C1 (advanced) level is the highest level of FCE exam, which confirms that language proficiency of the candidate corresponds to the level of the professional people and can self-confidently communicate in professional and high-ranking scientific situations. The person who acquires C1 certificate can teach and work in English environment in Georgia. C1 level certificate is required for the claimants of the Doctorate in Georgia. One of the advantages of the FCE compared to other similar exams (e.g. TOEFEL) is that it is termless.


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