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"Become an Olympian"

Georgian-American High School has been holding Mathematics and English Olympiads for the third year in a row, in which only our school students participate. Training grants will be awarded according to the results of the Olympiad. The school administration wants to involve other school students in the Olympiad and for this purpose, together with the Georgian Olympic Mathematicians Union, it will hold the School Mathematics Olympiad on May 21, 2016.Representatives of the Georgian Olympic Mathematicians' Union have been in the Georgian national student mathematics team at different times. Obviously, many of them are students of Mr. Mamuka The title of the Olympiad is "Become an Olympian" and it will be attended by 6th grade students from any school. This Olympiad differs from other Olympiads in that participation in it at all stages is free and serves only to show students awarded with mathematical talents. The winning students will be awarded the following prizes:

I place - Apple MacBook Air laptop II place - Apple iPhone 6 smartphone III place - tablet Apple iPad Air 2 IV place - music mp3 Apple iPod Touch Special Prize - (selected by sponsor)

About the Olympics: The first round of the Olympiad will be held on May 21, at 10:00 in Georgian-American high schools and Georgian-American schools. The deadline for registration is May 18 (see website: In the first round of the Olympiad, students will be given closed type assignments, the test consists of 20 questions. Each question will have 6 possible answers, from which the student must choose one correct answer. The duration of the tour is 1.5 hours. According to the results of the first round, students will be identified who will have the opportunity to participate in the final round; Students who cross the 60% threshold will advance to the final round. The results of the first round will be published on May 29. The final round of the Olympics will be held on June 4, at 10:00 p.m. Participants in the final round will have open-ended assignments: 5 tasks. The duration of the final tour is 3 hours. The results of the final round will be published on June 10.

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