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An unprecedented victory at the King’s Olympics

The students of Georgian-American High School achieved great success in ,,Kings’’ Olympiad, fall-winter session. They got the highest marks throughout Georgia. The absolute first place throughout Georgia was obtained by: Sandro Bajelidze – IV grade (Maths Olympiad) Mariam Tsulukidze – V grade (English Olympiad) Mariam Loladze – VII grade (English Olympiad) And the first-degree diplomas were given to: Nika Pilauri – VII grade (Maths Olympiad) Nino Bagdavadze – XI grade (Maths Olympiad) Eka Begashvili – IX grade (English Olympiad) The above mentioned six students were invited by Kings organization to the five-star hotel in Anaklia, where they passed unforgettable five days. On 28 January, representatives of Kings organization together with their symbolic ,,Lion’’ visited our school to wish Nino Bagdavadze one of the winners happy birthday.


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