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Happiness Found in GAHS

Many students found family happiness in the walls of Georgian-American high school.

"The years spent in school occupy the largest place in the calendar of human happiness. The child's educational, creative and scientific activities begin within the school walls.

The school, which has given many happy days to our students, has already become the basis for creating a beautiful family for twelve of them, six happy couples.

Congratulations to our students!

Lado Meskhishvili and Salome Kublashvili;

Murza Sekania and Salome Chkheidze;

Saba Kikvadze and Meri Kacharava;

Giga Chaduneli and Tea Begashvili;

Nika Mzarelua and Salome Janashia;

Giorgi Bogveradze and Laluka Giorgadze.

Long live! We are proud of you! ”Said the school principal.


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