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Nature is our wealth

On May 9 of the current year, the 4th grade students of the Georgian-American High School, led by the tutor Rita Nachkebia, took part in the planting of seedlings in the territory of Didi Dighomi (Giorgi Brchkinvali Street). The students planted 25 saplings, which were handed over to them free of charge by the Tbilisi City Hall Ecology and Planting Service. Students and siblings and parents of the students also took part in the tree planting action. The aim of the event is to join the call of His Holiness and Beatitude Ilia II, Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia, to plant tree seedlings in Tbilisi every year. You must fulfill this task and "the grace of God and the mercy of God will flow abundantly upon you," said the patriarch. It has been said many times and we will repeat that one of the riches of Georgia is its nature. This nature is special not for its beauty, but for the rare species of plants and animals in it. Georgian citizens love their nature and talk about its uniqueness. They enjoy spending time in nature, breathing the oxygen they need and being charged with positive energy.

On behalf of the Georgian-American High School and Class Instructor, we thank the Tbilisi City Hall and the City Hall Ecology and Greenery Civil Service.


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