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Students of Georgian-American High School and Georgian-American School Become Finalists at Prestigious International Science Exhibition


From May 11-17, 2024, students from the Georgian-American High School (GAHS) and the Georgian-American School (GAS) showcased their scientific projects for the eleventh time at one of the world's most prestigious science and engineering exhibitions.


Regeneron ISEF is a large-scale scientific exhibition held annually in the United States. It attracts around 1,800 students from 75 countries, offering a unique opportunity for young scientists to gain global recognition for their hard work and innovative ideas.


We wish success to the students of GAHS and GAS schools.


The projects presented in mathematics, chemistry, and technology were among the top 750 at Regeneron ISEF, a significant achievement that highlights their quality and innovation.


Technology Enhances the Arts:

- Archil Beraia

- Vakhtang Gogia

- Ani Gogia



- Sandro Nazghaidze

- Nikolozi Kulosshvili

- Giorgi Chomakhidze



- Iakob Saparashvili

- Nikoloz Abashidze

- Mariam Bukhaidze


The team of young scientists was led by:

- Salome Kublashvili

- Tamar Tsereteli

- Goga Suknidze


We commend these talented students and their mentors for their outstanding contributions and dedication to science and innovation.

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