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GAHS Grants


In Georgian-American High School grants are set for excellent students in grades VII-XII. The school conducts Mathematics (Mu Alpha Theta) and English GEO (GAHS English Olympics) Olympiads twice a year, on the basis of which the best 6-6 students of VII-IX grades are determined, who receive study grants.



I place  -  $ 400

II place  -  $ 300

III place  -  $ 250

IV place  -  $ 200

V place  -  $ 150

VI place  -  $ 100


Starting from the 10th grade, grants are awarded in each subject according to the National Training Olympiad:




There is also a grant for the I Channel TV program "In the Front Shelf"



$ 600

In exceptional cases, grants are also awarded for outstanding success. For example, our student Lizi Budaghashvili has owned art grants for years!

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