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USA, California 2017

Team of Georgia, which consisted of Delegation from Georgian-American high school as well as the winners of competition ‘leondardo da Vinci’ participated in the prestigious International Scientific – Engineering Fair, which was held on 9-16 May in the city of Los Angeles.

Georgian American High School has revealed the finalist – Natalie Chumburidze who represented an exciting and important project in Biology.

At the end of the exhibition, the contestants visited Los Angeles sights, traveled to Hollywood, Santa – Monica, they also visited the Grammy theatre and a Nokia museum.

Founded in 1950, the Intel ISEF-International Scientific – Engineering exhibition is the world’s biggest contest in which more than 1500 students from 70 countries take part. Young scientists compete with each other to represent interesting and original scientific – engineering works.

The students of Georgian – American high school has participated in Intel ISEF-exhibition since 2005. The most successful year was 2007, New York – Mexico contest, when Lado Meskishvili was rewarded with the Special Prize of the American Mathematical Society in his scientific work“Recurrent Relation of Congruum Equation Solutions” Apart from this the project team winners were George Kukhalashvili, Nick Gigashvili and George Benashvili Gigashvili with their groupwork“New class of Diophantine Equations with Infinitely many Solutions “ They deserved the IV prize in team project section.

Intel ISEF will be held next year at Penn State, the city of Pittsburgh.

USA, California 2017
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