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Netherlands 2017

Students of Georgian-American High and Georgian-American Schools who participated on behalf of Georgia at the International Young Scientists Olympiad – IJSO, won a bronze medal.

This year the IJSO Olympiad was held on December 3-13 for the 14th times. Teams from 52 countries participated in the Olympiad. There are 6 students in each team whose age is not more than 16 years. Students compete in three natural sciences – physics, chemistry and biology.

The Olympiad consists of 3 rounds and includes test, theoretical and experimental assignments. IJSO – is considered one of the most challenging Olympiads in the world and lasts for 10 days. Team leaders and students are separated.

The excursion program of Olympiad is always brilliantly organized. Students and leaders visited the sights of Amsterdam, they were impressed by the Rembrandt and Van Gogh museums, as well as a boat ride on the streets of Amsterdam.

Host countries of the next IJSO are already known. In the following years, the Olympiad will be held in Botswana, Qatar, Germany, Ghana, Estonia and Thailand.

Netherlands 2017
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