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                                         Victory in Thailand!!! IJSO — 2023, Thailand!
                 The bronze medal is ours!

IJSO — The International Olympiad of Young Scientists was held this year in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. This is one of the most difficult Olympiads in the world, it is held in three natural science subjects: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The Olympiad lasts 10 days and is held in three rounds. Students compete with each other in test, theoretical, and experimental tasks. Team leaders participate in the selection of tasks for the Olympiad and their translation, although all participants must be fluent in English. 54 countries participated in the Olympics this year. The more joyful the brilliant performance of our team — the Georgians won the bronze medal! The Georgian team was composed entirely of students of the 10th and 11th grades of Georgian-American and Georgian-American high schools (the age of the participants should not exceed 16 years).

Team Leaders:

Mamuka Meskhishvili
Irma Meskhishvili
Giorgi Vasadze

Team members:
Raul Khuc
Nikoloz Abashidze
Giorgi Panjikidze
Iakob Safarashvili
Ana Chkhortholia
Nikoloz Kuloshvili

December 3-4 turned out to be the most interesting and memorable days for our student and team leaders; participants from 54 countries visited Ratanakosin Island, an island where famous sights are located: the sight exceeded all expectations, this country really turned out to be especially exotic and interesting for visitors; - a large palace, a bright and iconic symbol of the Thai royal family and cultural heritage, one of the masterpieces of Thai architecture; The most revered building on the territory of the palace There is Wat Phra Kaew, which houses the Emerald Buddha, a sacred and highly revered image for them. The grand palace is a glorious symbol of Thailand's rich history and cultural heritage, showcasing the country's architectural talent and artistic traditions.
. The park is a geographical form of Thailand. Artificial lakes and rivers, located in the green space, make it unique and stunning for everyone. There is also the famous Emerald Buddha Temple; - one of the oldest and largest temples in the city - known for its impressive architecture, historical significance,
and reclining Buddha. The temple is best known for its huge gilded Buddha statues measuring 46 meters long and 15 meters high. The statue represents the entrance of the Buddha into Nirvana and is highly revered by Buddhists and tourists. In addition to its religious and historical significance, has a botanical garden A variety of plants are unique and used in traditional Thai medicine. is known not only as a religious place but also as a hub of cultural and educational significance.

The excursion was part of the event of the International Youth Science Olympiad, which lasted from December 1-11 in Thailand.
The next Olympics will be held in Romania, from where our team has already received the invitation.

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