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Tunisia 2022

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    𝗜-𝗙𝗘𝗦𝗧 2022 This year, from June 24 to June 30, it was held in the city of Monastir ( Monastery ). Students from 32 countries of the world competed with each other with projects in mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry and computer science. The Georgian national team was selected from students of GAHS and GAS schools. The result turned out to be amazing, four gold and one silver medals were won in mathematics, physics, biology and computer sciences:

    𝗠𝗮𝘁𝗵 𝟭: გიორგი შაშიაშვილი, დავით მირზოიანი, მიხეილ ქიტიაშვილი  -   ოქრო

    𝗠𝗮th 2: Lia Razmadze, Sekhne Gogrichiani, Salome Beridze -   Silver

    Physiology 1: Nikoloz Abashidze, Giorgi Diasamidze -   Gold

    Physics 2: Ani Gogia, Nika Kupatadze -  Gold

    Mariam Murachashvili, Salome Kakiashvili -   Gold


  The program of the international conference was rich in cultural tours. The first tour will be in the ancient city of Carthage. The ruins of the capital of this once mighty empire continue to amaze visitors today. The tour of the Coliseum El Jam was equally impressive for the students. The huge, 30,000-seat amphitheater rivaled even the famous Colosseum in Rome. Where thousands of years ago bloody gladiatorial battles were regularly held, today modern and classical music can be heard. The next stop was the beautiful Sidi Bou Said. A city built on a rock, decided in white and blue tones, with the Mediterranean Sea below it, the Atlas Mountains in front and the ancient Carthage, which leaves no one indifferent. The museum of carpets in the city of Kairoun was interesting, where the students saw how famous Tunisian carpets are made.

     კონფერენციის შემდეგ მოეწყო სამ დღიანი ტური, რომელიც  ალჟირის საზღვართან მდებარე ქალაქ Tozeur - ით დაიწყო , where the beautiful oasis is located. The jeep tour continued with a visit to the oil reserve ,  the sand dunes and the huge salt lake   left an indelible impression. Scenes shot here  From the movies "Star Wars" and "The English Patient" . Our group spent the next night in the "underground" city of Matmata. Here we saw underground hotels, very similar to Cappadocia. The Georgian national team spent the last night in a five-star hotel located in the city of Tunis.
   Georgian-American High School is glad to add another new conference in the form of I-FEST to its annual international activities.  

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