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Lela Pitskhelauri - Deputy Director

  • Selection of relevant content of indicators according to the Unified National Curriculum and determination of methodology; 

  • Organizing the school's annual self-assessment process; 

  • Monitoring the educational process; 

  • development and implementation of the school's strategic and action plan;

  • creating an annual curriculum with subject departments in line with the school's mission; 

  • Planning and implementation of monitoring and evaluation of students' academic achievement; 

  • Attending lessons, monitoring new millennium approaches and technologies, and monitoring student involvement in the lesson process. 

  • Planning and monitoring the process of professional development and professional development of teachers;

  • Compiling a school lesson plan and ensuring its implementation; 

  • Organizing and managing extracurricular activities (student clubs, projects, expeditions and other events); 

  • In terms of its activities, collecting and analyzing information from employees in the service relationship, developing recommendations and ways to improve, submitting recommendations and participating in the planning of necessary activities. 

  • Conducting operational meetings with teachers on current issues; 

  • erforming her duties during the absence of the director; 

  • ing recommendations and ways to improve, making recommendations, and participating in the planning of necessary activities.

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