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Student Council

Student council is a body elected in accordance with the regulations of the Georgian-American High School Ltd. It is a structural unit of the school and exercises its authority until the next school year before the new student council elections; Student council is staffed by elementary and middle school students.

Student council conducts its activities on the basis of established  regulations, contributes to student development and active involvement in school life.

The school's student council consists of 30 students. The student council often organizes exhibitions and craft fairs of paintings and handcrafts created by our schoolchildren. The raised money is donated to orphanages.

Exhibition of paintings at GAHS, 2019
Charity event of GAHS Student council, 2018

It is also noteworthy that our school donates money to nursing homes and The House of Charity “Catharsis” every Easter and Christmas.

At the initiative of the Student Council Intellectual Competitions, the school hosts book clubs, debate clubs, charitable events, and most importantly, selects a school team for participation in an intellectual TV show - The Bookshelf, which is held throughout Georgia.

Chess Tournament organized by the Student council, 2018
charity 2.JPG
Charity concert organized by Student council, 2019

Also, the Student Council organizes a graduation ceremony and a banquet for XII grade students at the end of each school year.

blo zari.JPG
School Graduation Ceremony, 2021

The connection with the school alumni continues even after graduation. It is noteworthy that 11 children of our school graduates are currently studying in our school!

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