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Winning biology, physics and chemistry tournaments

The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia has been organizing a student tournament in biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics for the third year in a row. The tournament is held on the basis of the Georgian Technical University. 9th grade students from public and private schools participate in the student team tournament.

This year our school students participated in three disciplines. They competed in biology, chemistry and physics with their peers from other schools. It should be noted that this type of team competition is the only one in Georgia. Students demonstrate research skills in the process of solving various scientific problems, which is manifested in the development of relevant theory, planning and implementation of experiments. In accounting and analysis of data, drawing conclusions, presenting their own versions convincingly, as well as in defending this version in the process of scientific discussion.

The jury includes the best scientists of Georgia. The more joyful the success of our school students. They are in the biology section first, in the physics section third and in the chemistry section second  They took their places. The following schools showed 3-3 best results in the mentioned subjects:


                               Georgian-American High School

                                  Buckswood International School



                             Komarov Phys.-them. School

                             Komarov Phys.-them. School  

                              Georgian-American High School


                                    Batumi Phys.-Mat. School

                              Georgian-American High School



  The winners of the winning schools were awarded foreign tours by the Ministry of Education and Science last year. CERN (Switzerland) and Copernicus (Poland) laboratories are waiting for students this year as well.

The following students defended the dignity of Georgian - American High School in the tournament:

Biology and physics

Loladze Mariamkobakhidze  Natiafilauri Nikoloz

Kobakhidze Ninaalavidze Mariamitripathi Mariam

Ghviniashvili Nikoloz Morchiladze Ladobarkaia Temuri


In the semi-finals, our school defeated the team of the Archimedes School in the Biology section, and the Komarov Physics team in the Physics section. Two teams of the school, and in the chemistry section - two of Newton Free School and Kutaisi Phys.-them. School teams.


Subject teachers make a great contribution to the preparation of teams: Medea Toloraia, Guranda Gabunia, Genadi Kiani, Irina Bochorishvili, Rusudan Japaridze.


The school administration congratulates its hardworking students on this great achievement and wishes to continue to delight their parents and teachers. Many international conferences and Olympics are waiting for them.

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