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Student Council 2018, 1st Semester

Educational and social projects were implemented at the Georgian-American High School, initiated and led by the student council

(I semester):

A bookshelf that has given children the motivation to read more books. During this project, a trio was revealed, which will present our school in the intellectual game "Bookshelf" throughout Georgia.

Chess and Volleyball Championship - The winners of the teams participating in the sports competitions were revealed during the championship. It is noteworthy that the championship has developed physical skills for young people.

Charity was a social kind project during which children and teachers realized the plight of socially vulnerable and vulnerable families and embarked on charity.

Incentive project - to develop creative skills. The competition "The most beautiful decoration of the class for the New Year" was organized.

It is noteworthy that these projects helped to bring students closer and develop different skills.

In the current school year, GAHS self-government, with the support of the school administration, promises a number of other cognitive, intellectual and entertaining activities for our school students.


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