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GAHS Self-Governance Projects in Semester II

Under the initiative and guidance of the Georgian-American High School Students’ Self-Government, educational and so

cial projects have been implemented in the school in April, May and June:

Intellectual game – a championship in geography where participants compete against each other in flags and contours of different countries. This activity has deepened general education in geography for adolescents.

Psychologist Hour – The event was meant to discuss current problems for students and ways to prevent them. Four lectures were held, which proved to be very interesting and important for adolescents.

Charity – Our school has come together to support the Monk Andrew Foundation and has now built 444 bricks in the first rehabilitation-hotel center in the Caucasus. On the occasion of Children’s Day, our school has helped vulnerable families with many children with gifts.

Football and basketball championships – these activities have developed youth physical skills. The winning teams were revealed in the sports competitions.

At the initiative of Ms. Nana Gagua, Ms. Ana Dolidze came to the school to discuss the importance of higher education, reform of the education system in our country, modernization of the judicial system.

At our school, the students, under the guidance of music teacher Maya Maisuradze, performed songs from the legendary Beatles repertoire.

Incentive Projects – Developing Creative Skills. Organized – musical and culinary championships, as well as “Book Gift Day”.

The second semester was generally content-driven, encouraging, and creative. We thank all participants for their cooperation and support.

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