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National spelling contest

National spelling contest – NESC – National English Spelling Competition is held for the second time this year. It is organized by The U.S. and UK embassies, and the American Friends of Peace Corps club. Contest combines three stages, each stage winners move to the next round.

Local Tour: 28 October – 2 November

Regional Tour: December 9-14

National Tour: March 28-30

Each participating school will present the winners in round 4.

On November 30 –Georgian- American High school guided a local tour, which was won by:

Category 1: 8-9 graders

  • Jamureli Mary (8 grader.)

  • Begashvili Eka (9 grader.)

Category 2: 10-12 graders

  • Osiashvili Anna (10 grader.)

  • Gordaze Irakli (10 grader.)

The School staff congratulates the winners and wishes them to represent school successfully in upcoming rounds.


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