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Georgian team at the IJSO Olympics

The composition of the Georgian national team was approved at the Young Scientists’ International Olympiad. This year – IJSO will be held in Botswana. The 50 countries are participating in the Olympics. Each team has 6-6 pupils whose age does not exceed 16 years. Students are competing in 3 natural sciences – physics, chemistry and biology.

This year our team was composed entirely by Georgian-American High School students:

Mariam Tsulukidze, Mariam Saparashvili, Lika Glonti, Mariam Kanchaveli, Tatia Kobakhidze, Aleksandre Eradze Our school is X classes.

As usual, this world forum is perfectly organized, our school is taking part in it for the third time. Pupils expect unforgettable journey in this exotic country.

We hope, as in previous years, the winners of our pupils will come back.


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