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In 1993 the representatives of Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest and the State University of Belarus, Minsk decided to organize together a conference for 14-18 year-old secondary school students.

The aim of the organizers with organizing such a new type of a competition was to acquaint secondary school students with the methods of scientific research, taking into consideration the following steps such as establishment of purpose perform research, develop a hypothesis, analyze results.

The first ICYS was in Visegrád in 1994. The Conference every year becomes richer, new countries join to the competition. During the years students from the following countries have participated in the Conference: Belarus, Czech Republic, Finland, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, The Netherlands, Ukraine, United States of America, Hungary, Lithuania, Brazil, Croatia, Indonesia, Turkey, Iran, Thailand, Nigeria, China, Korea, Malaysia, Serbia, Taiwan.

International competitions play an important role in the education of highly talented secondary school students opening new possibilities to extend their knowledge in sciences.

There are many types of competitions, the International Conference of Young Scientists (ICYS) is a special type of individual competition, in physics, mathematics, computer science and ecology for 14-18 year-old secondary school students. Every participant has to prepare a research report on a subject chosen by herself/himself from any part of the above mentioned sciences. The language of these fifteen-minute reports is English. Extra time for the preparation may be allowed by the head of the jury.

An international jury evaluates and rewards the presentations.
Every year generally 60-70 presentations are delivered in 4 section on the Conference. This kind of competitions has importance in teaching the students:

to do research work,

to present and discuss their own results,

to formulate research reports,

to give presentation in foreign languages.

The presentations shall be divided according to the following categories:



Computer Science

Environmental Sciences


Life Sciences

The presentations shall reflect the results of research that is dominantly achieved by the presenter alone or in collaboration with other school students.
On the date of the opening (ceremony) of the Conference the students have not entered any kind of higher education nor will their age exceed 20 years.

Every team is formed only by representatives of the countries and consists of two team leaders and no more than six students. There are four presentations from one delegation.

Georgian – American High School has participated in ICYS since 2005.

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