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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 2019

Expo-Sciences International (ESI) is the world's largest scientific exhibition held once every two years.

This year, the event was hosted by Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. One thousand five hundred youths from 57 countries presented their works at this World Forum.

Six students of Georgian-American High School (GAHS) represented Georgia:

Gvantsa Gumberidze, Lizi Ruadze, Mariam Saparashvili, Ana Razmadze, Mariam Tsulukidze and Vako Kakablishvili.

The three topics they have presented have gained the greatest approval in the mathematics section. The specialists noted the relevance of the results, as well as the innovative format. Animations were created with the help of GEOGEBRA on all three topics. All three topics were named among the winners – all six students received gold medals.

The participants lived in the best hotel NOVOTEL. Excursion programs were brilliantly organized.

The students visited all the sights of Abu Dhabi: Shaikh Zayed Mosque, Heritage Area, Emirates Palace, Etihad Towers.

Next ESI-2021 will be held in the Mexican city of Yucatan.


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